Transgender Jenna Talackova

Donald Trump’s pigheadedness extends beyond accusing the U.S. President of not being born in America, he’s now kicking cute trans girls out of his degrading pageants.

Jenna Talackova a Canadian post op transsexual woman was one of the 65 finalists in Mr. Trump’s Miss Universe Canada pageant, only to be disqualified when it was found out that she had had sexual reassignment surgery.

Miss Talackova has been on hormone therapy since she was a teenager, and the pageant had no trouble qualifying her before they knew she was transgender. The pageant rules do state that you cannot be married, or pregnant to be a part of the competition, so they’re covered on those silly bigotries, but they say nothing about transgender contestants not being qualified to prance around on stage with the other beauty queens.

I have no idea where Canadian law stands on this sort of discrimination, but  whatever happens hopefully this doesn’t just boost the ratings of Trump’s Miss Universe pageant, and this thing can go the way of Miss America and be relegated to some country music channel from now on.

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Macy's Transgender

Natalie Johnson, the now former San Antonio Texas Macy’s employee, is looking for a new job today because she just could not accept that a transgender girl was allowed by her employer to shop, and *gasp* change in the women’s section.

The 27 year old Ms. Johnson harassed a transgender girl who was clothes shopping on November 30th, insisting that she needed to keep an eye on “him” (her word) coming up to her when she was heading into the dressing room and stating “You’re a man”. The people with the transgender girl supported her telling the employee that Macy’s policy is to allow transgender people to use the dressing rooms of the gender they consider themselves to be.

Ms. Johnson told Macy’s she refuses to comply with the policy, and Macy’s promptly fired her, and now she has filed a complaint with the federal employment commission on the grounds that her religion doesn’t allow her to recognize transgender people.

I seriously doubt her religion covers allowing a person to use a a male or female dressing room at her place of work.

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