Neil Patrick Harris Live With Kelly

Many don’t think of the term tranny as an offensive or derogatory word, but as Neil Patrick Harris found out after using the term on live national television, many who’ve experienced having that word thrown at them as an attack word consider it an outright slur.

Neil Patrick Harris Tranny

During his guest hosting stint on Live! With Kelly Harris and Kelly were using sulfur hexafluoride, which like helium effects your voice in this case deepening it, after joking around with Kelly saying things like “Put the lotion in the basket!” Harris stated “I’ve never sounded more like a tranny in my life.” It was a casual comment and he clearly didn’t mean to target the transgender community in a negative way, but still that word like shemale carries weight for a lot of people, and on Harris’ part he was extremely quick to apologize, albeit on his Twitter account.

Of course the various Gay and Transgender community groups were cool with the apology ’cause everyone loves Neil Patrick Harris.

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